Hello fellow users of Downton Abbey Revisited!


This forum is has been shut down. We are deeply sorry to tell you this and please take the time to read the following explanations.


We started this community two years ago - at this time we were highly excited about Downton Abbey and thought about it as one of the best shows of the decade (at least) We were captivated by the charisma of the characters and the plots. Every new season with every new episode felt like a gift to us and we couldnęt wait until the next autumn to get acquainted to all the new outlines of the Downton-universe.


This enthusiasm diminished rapidly with Matthew Crawleysę awkward disappearance in the Christmas-episode of 2012. We suddenly got aware of the fact, that the personal decision of a key-actor to leave the set could have the potential to plunge a tv-project into ruin. Unfortunately we werenęt proved to be pessimistic doomsayers and the show got more and more wiggy and boring within Season 4. The sad "peak" - at least for us - was the clumsy Christmas-episode three months ago with endless disenchanting and facile dialogues, disjointedly pushing around the formerly beloved characters through all luxuriant rooms at hand.


The demise of the show was thoroughly discussed at our board and we believe, that this demise canęt recuperate.


In the beginning we longingly and optimistically wanted to create a community in the sense of this term - we didnęt want to be a quite anonymous board with an unstructured onslaught of discussion-hodgepodge like a subsidiary of Twitter. We wanted to get everybody know something personal about the other members and to give them the impression of a (virtual) acquaintance. So we asked every new member for a personal introduction in the members section as a prerequisite to participate further. This was respected by some members thankfully, but was ignored by many others either. We even had to deal with encroaching and infamous pmęs and asked ourselves if it made sense to pay for the server and the forum-software and to be treated in this manner. The idea to force new users into an introduction technically was like a last resort, a bad compromise, which even produced more probs than solved any.


Despite this daunting experience we want to thank heartfully all dedicated, confidable and likeable users, who gave this forum a tremendous positive impact during itęs lifetime. Our gratefulness goes especially to Alex (Lord of the Manor) our moderator, who indefatigably provided us with gems of information and insight throughout his whole membership! We will miss him sincerely and we will miss you all!


Please donęt be mad at us, rather try to be mad at the finally uninspired creators of a formerly superb show. So long and take care!


Ella and Doc